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Why does Quantitiv exist?

It's our mission to make sure every construction project on the planet has access to the highest standards of professionalism and expertise at an accessible price.


The RICS Rewards and Attitudes Survey explains that the average property professional salary in Asia in 2018 was $110,890 per year - not including additional bonuses. Those with even more experienced or refined skill-sets like project scheduling, forensic delay capabilities, or claims experience may earn even more. 


This means that these high-quality individuals are available only to businesses with enough capital and attractive benefits like urban office or project locations and access to continuous professional development. 

Clearly this is a problem for many construction businesses, which is why we're removing costly barriers to entry and providing access to the same highly-qualified consultants at an annual saving of up to 18x (based on the average salary above). We do this by partnering with a high quality network of consultancies and offering access to consultations and document reviews from these businesses for a small annual fee.

By existing in this way, we're committed to ensuring that knowledge of how to do things better is not reserved only for those with the biggest budgets.


Who is this service for?


We work with everyone, from government departments, blue-chip developers and global contractors, to residential homeowners and small sub-contractors. If you have a task that needs the expertise of a Quantity Surveyor, Scheduler, Planner, or Claims Consultant, we can put you in touch with some of the best construction consultants in the world to provide the help you need.



Why should I use Quantitiv?


Because you want access to the best construction consultants in the world - regardless of your project's location. And you want to access them at a fixed, up-front price. Working with Quantitiv allows you to instantly:

  • Save time and money.

  • Outsource the sort of discrete tasks that skilled Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Schedulers and Claims Consultants eat for breakfast;

  • Scale or improve the output of your commercial or scheduling teams without needing to source, interview, induct, orientate, find room in your office, or disrupt your existing team;

  • Complete tasks that your current construction management team lacks either the time or expertise to complete;

  • Know the cost of your human capital before you start work on a time-consuming or complex issue.


Who does the work?


We handpick suitable construction consultants from our global network of skilled Quantity Surveyors, Planners/Schedulers and Claims Experts, then present you with their quotes and details of their skills. Work is completed remotely by the construction consultant you choose.


How does the process work?


If you need the skills of a Quantity Surveyor, Planner, Scheduler or Claims Consultant, we provide two options: our Basic and Premium plans.


Using our Basic plan, you provide us with details of the task(s) you need help with, and we'll search our global network of construction consultants to provide you with up to three quotes for completing the work. You select whom you'd like to work with, and we'll connect you with them for a flat, one-off fee.


Our Premium plan gives you access to a greater amount of features throughout the life of your project, including phone consultations, letter and document review services and access to quotes from our Professionals for bigger tasks. All our Premium features are provided for a low annual fee.


In both plans, construction consultants will complete your work remotely, meaning costly and disruptive trips to your site or office are avoided - saving you time and money.


Find out more about how it works, here.


Can I cancel a Premium Plan any time?


Yes, although un-used months are not refundable.


My project and personal data are confidential. How do I know they will be handled properly?


We place a great deal of importance on the confidentiality of all personal and business information provided by our clients. Every client's data receives the same high standard of care that would be expected of any professional consultant and is handled in accordance with the requirements of the law. Quantitiv's data storage providers are Wix and Google, you can read the privacy policy of Wix here, and Google, here.


How much is it?


Our Basic Plan requires a one-time fee of US$995. Our Premium Plan is just US$5,995 per year - meaning you get a year of global construction expertise for less than the cost of a months' salary for a full-time senior-level construction professional!

We operate with a multi-currency account, which means we can also offer the above fees in GBP, EUR and HKD - just let us know which currency you'd prefer to pay in when you sign up.


When do I pay?

Basic plan customers make payments when they've selected a construction consultant they'd like to work with from the quotes we provide.

Premium Plan customers pay the annual fee at the start of the plan, then don't pay anything until the following year.


How do I pay?


After you've signed up as a member and selected either the Basic or Premium Plan, we'll send you an invoice by email.


Quantitiv operates a multi-currency business account so that you can make transfers in US or Hong Kong Dollars, GBP, or Euros.


How long does it take?


If you're able to provide as much information as possible when signing up, our construction professionals can quickly provide quotes - usually within 48 hours.


You can also let us know if you have a specific deadline in mind and we'll do whatever we can to meet it.


Do I get to speak with the construction consultant responsible for my task?




Basic Plan members receive the contact details of their chosen Professional as soon as they have paid the Basic Plan fee. Premium Plan members have the option to schedule calls or emails with Professionals anytime during their plan.


Why bother using remote construction consultants?


On a dollar-for-dollar basis, we believe it's cheaper every time when compared with hiring someone with the same experience and qualification level to complete the same discrete task in your office. Why?


  1. Some of our construction clients operate particularly expensive cities or in regions where attracting the best construction professionals is both difficult and expensive. By using a remote professional, you bring the expertise to your project without the cost of employing someone locally.

  2. Completing work remotely also saves you and your team time spent interviewing, meeting, orienting and managing on-site construction consultants. Not to mention eradicating extra overhead costs like sickness and holiday cover, hardware, software licenses, printing and electricity. You even save on the office tea and coffee budget!

  3. Having someone work remotely also ensures your existing site team isn't disrupted and it can lead to improvements in record keeping, as correspondence with remote construction professionals is often conducted primarily via email.


What if I'm not happy with the completed work?


Premium Plan customers can ask us to send completed work for a second opinion from a different construction consultant. If the second opinion confirms significant irregularities or inaccuracies, we'll cover the cost of re-doing the work. If everything is found to be in order, you'll need to cover the cost of the second opinion.


Unfortunately, we can't offer this service to Basic Plan members.


How do I get started?


Click your desired plan on the Pricing page and follow the instructions to sign up.

Quantitiv Limited, CR Number: 2924058, registered office 14/F Manning House 38-48, Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


Quantitiv is a technology company.

We are not a construction consultancy, surveying, planning or legal firm.
We do not give legal or other advice relating to your circumstances (we leave that to the experts).

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