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If you're the Owner or Director of a construction consultancy, or a construction professional looking for an easier way

to find new clients, Quantitiv can save you money and grow your business by bringing you

opportunities from potential clients around the world.

For Free.

We work with construction consultants and claims experts based in Asia, the UK and the USA - introducing them to projects brought to us by clients from across the globe.

Find out how your business can be a part of this powerful network by

taking a few minutes to read the information below.

How it Works

Sign Up as a Professional Member

Sign Up as a Professional member to access member-only forms.

It's completely free and takes less than a minute.

Join Our Network

Tell us a little about your business and the construction consultants you intend to market through Quantitiv by filling out the 'Join our Network' form.

Receive Enquiries

Once approved, you'll start to receive requests for quotations, consultations and document reviews for free. If your quotation is selected by a Client, you agree T&C's with them directly.


It's Free to join and receive enquiries from potential Clients.

Work to your own terms and conditions, agreed directly

with Clients.

Get introduced to potential work from all over the world


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work for Professionals?


Basic Plan

  1. When we receive an enquiry that looks like it's a match for the skills of one or more of your construction consultants, we'll notify you and ask if your business wants to provide a quote.

  2. If you'd like to quote for the job we'll send all the details you'll need to provide a full and accurate quote. As part of the quote we'll also ask for an estimate of the time you expect the task to take.

  3. After you've sent the quote back to Quantitiv, we'll process it and pass it on to the prospective client.

  4. If the client chooses your quote and pays the Basic Plan fee, we'll connect you with the client so you can agree on your terms and conditions.


Premium Plan

Once you sign up and are approved as a Professional user, you'll automatically gain access to our Premium customers.

The Premium Plan works in precisely the same way as the Basic Plan, but with the added bonus that your business may also receive enquiries for document reviews or consultations with Premium Customers. These consultations and reviews are voluntary, but are an excellent way to showcase the expertise of your construction consultants and put your consultancy in front of prospective clients.



Why should my business be a part of Quantitiv's network?

Traditionally, Owners and Directors of construction consultancies found new work through their existing network, often supplemented by shaking as many hands as possible at various events in the hope of generating potential leads. All the while, these busy professionals are often juggling a day-job in construction consulting, managing a team of construction professionals, and keeping their own professional development requirements up to date. It's exhausting.

And while construction consulting firms struggle in this cycle, the payoff rarely matches the effort.


Quantitiv changes all of this by offering you and your business free access to opportunities across the globe that would never have hit your inbox otherwise.


When we receive an enquiry that matches the expertise of one of your staff, we invite your business to quote for the job. If our client selects your consultant, the work is completed from your office (except in exceptional circumstances) and to your normal terms and conditions, thereby turning a costly overhead into a tidy profit.


Quantitiv takes the pressure of business development away from you while fuelling the growth of your company, at zero cost to your business.

Who is this service for?


Quantitiv is for construction consultancies and construction professionals who are looking to grow their business and assist clients across the globe.


The service works because we have a network of high-performing construction consultants and professionals. These business contain experts at solving the kinds of problems that commercial and planning /. scheduling teams face every day on construction projects. These Professionals stop at nothing to provide excellent service, by responding quickly to queries and quote requests and always meeting deadlines.


If you can commit to consistently high levels of service in construction consulting and are looking to extend your reach exponentially, this service is for you.

What kind of work can I expect to be quoting for?


Our clients range from developers and contractors to subcontractors and manufacturers. This means you could find your construction consultancy quoting for everything from final account preparation to estimation services, change order valuation, variation drawing take-offs, claims preparation, scheduling for construction operations, quantifying delay events, cost planning, and everything in between.

Enquiries we receive range from discrete tasks like cost estimating services and scheduling for construction projects, to longer-term assignments like providing a remote quantity surveyor for a set period of time.

Do I need to work for free?


Our Premium clients have access to telephone consultations and document review services on their Quantity Surveying, Planning, and Claims issues. These consultations and reviews are provided voluntarily by the consultants in our network and are a fantastic way of putting the skills of your construction consultants in front of prospective clients. Telephone consultations are limited to 30 minutes and document reviews are limited to two A4 pages or 1,200 words. Both consultations and reviews are only for new matters, and if a client wishes to have further work done on a matter they must request a quotation through Quantitiv.

We will never force a consultant to take part in a consultation or complete a document review but, if you put your business forward to give a consultation or review a letter, it's logical that the same client will keep your company in mind for completing further related - paid - work when the time comes.


In short: making your business available for free consultants and minor reviews with our Premium Clients can pay dividends.

Does this service cost me anything?



It's free to be a part of our network of construction consultants, it's free to receive enquiries, it's free submit quotes, and it's free to be connected to prospective clients from around the world.


When do I get Paid?

After a customer has selected your business to complete their task, you agree terms and conditions with the customer directly. This means you're fully in charge of how and when your construction consultancy receives payment at all times.



Are there any pre-qualification requirements for being a part of Quantitiv's network of construction consultants?



We'll need a copy of your business registration documents, plus current versions of your business' professional indemnity and any other insurance policies. We'll also need you to sign an NDA, plus our terms of service. All of this is done electronically to save you time and effort.


As part of the sign-up process, you'll also need to complete a skills register for the construction consultants you intend to market through Quantitiv. This register must be completed in order for Quantitiv to match enquiries from prospective clients to your staff.


How can I start to receive enquiries from Quantitiv?

The easiest way to start receiving enquiries is by filling out our Professionals Sign Up form, which you'll find after creating an account on our Home page. If you'd like more information before signing up as a construction consultant in our network, you can also send us a message via the Enquiries form, or drop us an email.

It usually takes no more than 48 hours from your initial contact to getting registered on our network.



Why am I not receiving enquiries?

There are usually three reasons why you aren't receiving enquiries:

  1. There are no enquiries that match the skills and experience listed on your staff profile(s).

  2. Enquiry emails are going to your spam folder.

  3. The email address you gave us has changed or was mistyped in the Sign-up form.



How can I update the details of my construction consultants?

After you sign up, we'll send you a document that you can update every time a construction consultant:

  1. Joins your business

  2. Leaves your business

  3. Gains a new qualification, different industry experience, or a promotion

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Quantitiv is a technology company.

We are not a construction consultancy, surveying, planning or legal firm.
We do not give legal or other advice relating to your circumstances (we leave that to the experts).

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