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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 11 October 2020

UK construction industry ⬆️

Singapore industry ⬇️, and...

Robots 🤖

UK Construction Industry Rallying

There was good news from the UK last week, where industry analysts Skrap saw steady workflow, recovering revenues, and signs of the construction market rallying.

Techround writes that 44% of construction businesses reported they had hit pre-lockdown levels. The feeling was so good amongst some construction companies that almost a quarter reckon they could see a 20% increase in 2019 revenue levels!

Strong demand was recorded among residential and public sector projects, which accounted for over three-quarters of work being done.

Check out the full story here.

Singapore's Construction Industry Slow to Pay

In a post-pandemic world where it seems like nothing will be the same ever again, you can count on some things to never change. Singapore reported last week that 56% of all its construction payments were late, leaving the industry with the biggest year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter rise in those depressing statistics.

"Prompt payment refers to when 90 per cent or more of total bills are paid within the agreed payment terms. Slow payment occurs when less than 50 per cent of total bills are settled on time." Ovais Subhani, Straits Times

Check out the full table here.

Siri: Build me a house

Not only are robots are in our homes, but they're building them too. Yes, the unstoppable pace at which AI is moving has now reached the level of house-builder, as one project in the UK showed us last week.

Construction Enquirer last week reported on the story of a Yorkshire farmer who will soon be moving into a house built in that age old tradition of using robots. What's even more impressive about this particular technology, by Pocklington-based Construction Automation, is that its bricklaying technology is the first of its kind to build around corners without needing to stop.

"The house will contain around 10,000 bricks and will take the ABLR about two weeks to build." David Longbottom, Construction Automation.

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