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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 14 June 2020

Another week has passed with the feeling that the construction and energy industries are - despite many hurdles - beginning to adjust to the new normal. What this means for developers, operators and contractors is surviving the post-COVID landscape while keeping an eye on how to thrive in the future.

This week's round-up focusses on opinions published by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Elon Musk's boring projects, and an embarrassing episode of Space Force.

When the RICS says it, it's probably time to start listening

Writing for the RICS, Arcadis Partner Dr Lara Potter outlines her vision for the way the construction industry can embrace technology to improve. Potter believes, along with the team here at Quantitiv, that there are huge opportunities for the construction industry to better itself by shifting mindset, improving training and opening professionals up to new ways of working.

People no longer need to be co-located to work together, which is a big shift for a sector that traditionally involved having everyone sat in the same room.

This piece is interesting on many levels, not least for the excellent discussion around how our site teams no longer need to be based on-site! Check out the full article here.

Elon Musk about to dig another hole?

And this one's for everyone.

Construction dive reported this week that The Boring Company, Musk's forward-thinking tunnelling company, has a proposal for a transit tunnel being reviewed by officials in California. The article reports that TBC has proposed using its high-speed, underground Loop technology to run autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) along a 2.8-mile path between the airport and a possible future Metrolink station along the San Bernardino Line.

It's suggested that the tunnel would cost only 3% to 5% of the cost of a regular rail project and be completed in approximately half the time.

TBC has already completed the Hawthorne Tunnel, a testing ground for its hyperloop projects, 1 mile beneath the SpaceX parking lot and is in the process of building a loop system in Las Vegas.

Fictional Space Force 1, Actual Space Force nil

In an unexpected turn of events, the most influential superpower on earth has just lost its first battle. Kind of.

One Space Force is a military unit designed to protect its country's interests in outer space, the other is a satirical comedy show streamed by Netflix. Both share the same name but, thanks to a quick-moving legal team, only one has the trademark rights to "Space Force" in Europe, Australia, Mexico and other territories.

Records show that Netflix was submitting applications for "Space Force" around the world as early as January 2019. In other words, the Department of Defense was caught sleeping.

Quite where this leaves the future of space battles, tractor beams, or encounters with aliens is anyone's guess, make up your own mind here.

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