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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 26 July 2020

This week's update is centred around something everyone wants more of: money.

More specifically, we're looking at what's been in the news recently regarding how you can make more of it from the construction or energy industry while, at the same time, making your business a better and more inclusive place to work.

Fix Your Gender Diversity Issues

Think you haven't got one? Take a look around your boardroom and see how well-represented women are. Research by Pipeline — the UK's largest gender diversity business — discovered that only 5% of FTSE 350 firms had women at CEO level. Depressingly, there are more CEO's named Peter (6%) than there are women (*note: we have nothing against the name Peter, but that statistic is disgraceful).

there are more CEO's named Peter (6%) than there are women [CEO's]

As if any further evidence of the immediate need for representation was needed, the research found that firms with no women on their executive committees had a net profit margin of 1.5%. In contrast, those with more than 33% of women at this level reached a 15.2% net profit margin.

It's time to change.

Invest in Hard-Hats (really)

Looking to make an investment in the construction and energy industries? You could do worse than look towards the global construction safety helmets market, says Report Linker.

Report Linker has been monitoring the construction safety helmets market and reckons it's set to grow by $ 110.74 during 2020-2024 at a CAGR of 3% during the forecast period. One of the principal reasons for the projected growth over the next few years is the increase in global safety requirements.

Has there ever been a 'safer' bet...?

Forget Hiring

Whenever we come across a glut of content about the future of the construction industry or the need for businesses in the energy sector to save money, we can't help but shout "look at us!". That's because Quantitiv exists to save developers, operators, contractors and subcontractors money while connecting their commercial teams to the best brains in the business.

We've written about how we can lower your cost of hiring from $4,000 or £5,000 per person to a fraction of that, while also giving out a tonne of detail on how it works. So, go on, get in touch with us today and move your business to another level while saving your business money.

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