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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 28 June 2020

Despite construction sites around the world generally seeing a resumption in activity, Covid-19 continues to dominate industry headlines. Given the unavoidable challenges the industry is now facing, more and more commentators are now calling for the sector to adopt new ways of working, including the use of digital technology. The early signs look good for those who've begun the adoption...

Project Management set for another busy few weeks in England and Wales

After releasing four previous versions of site operating procedures, the UK CLC is working on a fifth in response to Boris Johnson's relaxing of the "two-metre rule". Already stressed-out project teams are now preparing to amend site operating procedures from 4 July when a new "one-metre-plus" rule will come into force.

Under the new rules, workers will be required to stay two metres apart "where possible". It will also be necessary to keep a distance of one metre while taking other measures such as wearing a face-covering or ensuring workers are not face-to-face with others, Construction News reports.

Massive productivity losses resulting from Covid-19

No surprises here: as a result of major changes to the way contractors are required to work since the outbreak of Covid-19, Turner and Townsend estimate that productivity has dropped as much as 35% on sites in the UK.

Stephen Gallagher, a principal consultant at Turner and Townsend, notes:

the final phases of a project are typically the most inefficient as contractors are often behind schedule and must throw extra labour at sites to try and get buildings finished on time. This usual fix will not be possible with social distancing and reduced labour.

Read more on the findings of this study here.

The digital revolution in construction gathers pace

The construction industry has long been crying out for innovation and the adoption of technologies that can improve efficiency. For all the terrible news that Covid-19 has brought, the opportunity for the industry to try something new to maintain - or even improve progress - has never been greater.

Enter this excellent news from the findings of a recent study by Procore Technologies, who report (among other things) that:

  • 66% of companies rolled out some sort of new technology during the lockdown.

  • 94% said they saw an improvement in the way their teams work as a result, and

  • 58% of construction companies have seen a higher demand from workers for a way to stay connected and work more efficiently.

Check out further details on the findings here.

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