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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 7 June 2020

At this point of every week we like to spend a few minutes looking back and tying a ribbon around the week - maybe even adding a smile or two where we can. But, news about construction, oil and gas, or irreverent 'funnies' isn't important today.

This week, of all the terrible weeks humanity has lived through recently, we must look in no other direction than the ugly issues of racism and discrimination brought to light since the killing of George Floyd. Images, videos and articles from around the world, but particularly the USA, have shown the rising tide of rage at an issue that has gone on for a frankly disgusting amount of time. The time has come for things to change.

The construction industry employs about 7% of the global workforce, equating to around 250 million people. Of that massive figure, a huge number are from non-white backgrounds and will suffer prejudice or inequality for no reason other than the colour of their skin or their place of birth. So if there was any doubt about whether this issue affects you, your company, or your colleagues, here is your reminder that it does.

There is no question that we can, as a society, an industry and a collective, do more to tackle racism head-on. Right now.

Here's how you can help support the fight against racism today:

  1. Take the time to learn more about racism in its many forms by Googling police brutality against minorities, historical injustice and racial inequality.

  2. React-to and share any posts that highlight the issues that people are fighting to change. Don't be passive if it resonates with you.

  3. Many petitions are circulating, calling for those involved in the killing of George Floyd to be charged with murder. You can sign two of them here: #JusticeforFloyd andJustice for George Floyd

  4. Donate to causes that are leading the fight against racism. Time Out lists some of the most prominent in the USA and UK:


Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Reclaim the Block

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

American Civil Liberties Union

National Bail Fund Network or local bail funds across the US

National Police Accountability Project

Know Your Rights Camp


Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust 

Stand Up To Racism

Green & Black Cross

And, most importantly, think about how the words you use and the actions you take on a daily basis contribute either positively or negatively; in your homes, on site, and in the office.

Be consistent and courageous in calling-out racism (in its many forms) and support the push for global equality.

Change is possible only with great action. Start now.


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