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This Week in Construction (and Other) News | 17 May 2020

Updated: May 23, 2020

As governments around the world monitor the situation with Covid-19, the global construction industry is beginning to open up again after various states of lockdown. The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has 'actively encouraged' the sector to get back to work, whilst sites in various parts of Asia are working with social distancing and health-check measures in place.

As the companies within the industry come to terms with what re-starting work means, the RICS opines that businesses will soon need to start re-thinking how they complete many of their usual functions:

People no longer need to be co-located to work together, which is a big shift for a sector that traditionally involved having everyone sat in the same room. Particularly for the generations coming into the sector now, it’s a natural thing to do. For clients, it means that we have access to talent that perhaps we wouldn’t have done in the past.

Check out the full story, here: http://ow.ly/x7Vq50zIut0

Staying with the RICS, the institution is offering fast-track adjudication for claims below £20,000, for an initial limited period until the end of July. This is surely something that will be welcomed by contractors and sub-contractors throughout the supply chain.

“As the largest adjudicator nominating body in the UK, we believe we should do what we can to provide much needed relief to the SMEs most badly affected. I am deeply grateful to the skilled adjudicators on the RICS president’s panel who have volunteered to staff this service at the hugely reduced rates involved.”

Dr John Fletcher, director of Dispute Resolution at RICS

Read the full story, here: http://ow.ly/iDmi50zIuwj

And, finally, the Australian town of Millicent has seen a 'bounce' in occupants on its streets despite lockdown measures... http://ow.ly/k70650zIuwe

Until next week.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

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